OHVCMG Spring 2017 conference, presented with COMUG

As has become a tradition, the Central Ohio Mainframe User’s Group is joining us for our spring meeting. We’ve put together a great agenda. To attend, simply register by 4/20, for the low, low cost of $0.

08:00 – Gathering and breakfast (Sponsored by IBM)
08:30 – Introductions and opening remarks (Monte / Steve)
08:45 – Monte Bauman – zNext Ponderings

Have you been watching the clock? If you have you’d notice that it’s about that time. Join this session to get a glimpse at what’s to come from IBM z Systems in the near future.

09:00 – Monte Bauman – Cloud Technologies for z System Users

Join this session for a survey of cloud-based solutions appropriate to users of z Systems. Whether participating in the API Economy or virtualizing z/OS storage services in the cloud, a wide variety of currently available offerings will be described. We will conclude the session in discussion of “what could possibly be next”!

10:00 – Break / networking
10:15 – Mullen Award Winner Mark Tomlinson – Modern Performance Dysfunctions

In this session Mark Tomlinson will be sharing a review of recent experiences in performance engineering dysfunctions. Systemic mistakes, common blunders and lazy habits. These are shared in stories from testers who have changed their performance ways, started integrating performance into all aspects of their work. We’ll cover new architectures, new tools, new problems, stupid human tricks and a review of a few classic stories from PerfBytes News of The Damned examples.

11:15 – Break / networking
11:30 – Peter Enrico – The Hidden Gold in the SMF 99s

The SMF 99 records contain a wealth of information related to WLM algorithm decisions. They were originally developed to trace WLM decisions, but over the years they have been expanded to provide insights into HiperDispatch, Capping, Group Capacity Limits, machine topology, and more. Most customers have the SMF 99 WLM decision records turned off due to their high volume. However, there are many reasons to turn these records on during performance debugging and analysis.

During this presentation, Peter Enrico will provide an introduction to the SMF 99 records, as well as show some very practical uses and a number of performance insights that these records provide.

12:30 – Make a plate
12:45 – Lunch / Product presentation (Pivotor)

During lunch, our lunch sponsor, Enterprise Performance Strategies, will present their z/OS performance reporting tool and service: Pivotor.

13:30 – Scott Chapman – z/OS SMT: When to Apply and the Meaning of the Measurements

With the z13, IBM has introduced Simultaneous Multithreading (SMT) for zIIP and IFL processors. This effectively lets one processor work on two things at once. SMT enablement is optional which raises the question of whether or not you should enable it. If you do enable SMT, is it delivering value? Fortunately, SMT brings with it new measurements to help you answer that question. Unfortunately, these are some of the most confusing, misunderstood, and poorly documented measurements in all of the SMF data.
In this special extended session Scott Chapman will both explore the situations where it might make sense to enable SMT as well as explain the meaning and derivation of the SMT measurements.

14:45 – Break / networking
15:00 – COMUG: Telling the story of the value of the mainframe (Monte Bauman & Scott Chapman)

We’ve all heard time and again that the mainframe is expensive. An expression of cost. But what of value? What are the “returns” provided by the costs of mainframe processing? This session will dig into the question of what value is, how to assess that value, and what to do with that assessment. The authors will hypothesize that a business metrics database and dashboard are keys to communicating mainframe value. Further, the authors will pontificate that as the IT world turns towards “services” and “capabilities”, we in the mainframe world should do same, expressing and managing our capabilities as they support the business now and in the future.

15:45ish – COMUG Roundtable

In the tradition of COMUG, we will finish out the day with a roundtable discussion: anything is fair game: deeper discussion about the earlier presentations, open a discussion on a new topic, or tap into the collective wisdom present to help with a problem you’re currently having.

16:15ish conclude

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